About me


Hi, I am photographer Evaldas Grenda. When I was a teenager, my parents gave me a gift an old camera Smena and then Zenit-E. Since then I became interested in photography and spent many sleepless nights by processing films and prints. When digital cameras became available I dug into photography even much deeper, read many books related to composition rules, equipment peculiarities, photography art. Also, I studied photography secrets from famous Lithuanian wedding and portraiture photographers.  My life motto is to constantly advance and never stay in the same place. Accordingly, I am constantly improving my skills by reading and participating in forums, related to photography and equipment, attend exhibitions and make a lot of experiments.

I treat photography as an ability to express my view to the world around me, to capture moments which will never occur once again. I am interested in wedding, christening and portraiture photography genres. I take pictures in studio and outdoors.

When I take pictures of people, I try to emphasize their uniqueness, personality and character traits. I love that my photos give people joy, make them smile and be happy. I like to photograph portraits but take pictures of various events and landscapes as well.